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6 -15 June 2019.

The collaboration between Mattia Bonetti and Francis Cat-Berro began 30 years ago.
Cat-Berro was first cabinetmaker for BOnetti. Then, he rapidly produced limited editions of conntemporary pieces designed exclusively for the Cat-Berro Gallery in Paris, at 25, rue Guénégaud, from 2006 till now.
Four exclusive collections designed for Cat-Berro followed one another. This one, entitled Tutto Oro, Mattia Bonetti, the alchemist, is thus the fifth.
Some pieces from the "Tutti Frutti" collection, such as the round table or the Jelly coffee table, are adorned with gold, yellow, white or Moon gold leaves.
The other pieces of the collection combine sanded and gilded acacia wood encased in Plexiglas or this incredible coffee table carved in a 140-year-old slice of sequoia.
As usual, the alchemist Mattia BOnetti combines nature and sophistication with happiness.
From June 6 to 14 . To discover at the Cat-Berro Gallery, 25, rue Guénégaud.

Véronique Sainten et Francis Cat-Berro.

PUCCI DE ROSSI. 1947- 2013


FROM JUNE 8th to JULY 13rd 2017

In 1988, I met Pucci on the occasion of an exhibition where he was presenting – to use a modern expression – « customized » household objects : that is way off their original models. It was a shock for me, as it was not a piece of furniture anymore, its original use was completely topsy- turvy. All the signs of Pucci’s uniqueness were there : humour, discrepency, infringement, concept : the artist’s own touch.
Pucci was a doer. Behind the glass of his Paris studio, one wondered what he was handcrafting.
Pucci was secretive, volubile, attentive, finicky. He wore elaborate headgears. He was Italian, spoke French, using carefully chosen expressions and cooked pastas beautifully !
He died three years ago and we miss him.

In this exhibition will be presented Editions Cat-Berro’s pieces as well as previous works lent by collectors and the impressive Vase Medici edited by the Sèvres Manufacture.

Francis Cat-Berro


Du 13 mai au 4 juin 2016.

Photographs by Sebastien Pons
La Cage de l’OmbreForte / Publishing department

Véronique Sainten & Francis Cat Berro (Cat-Berro Gallery - Paris) and La Cage de l’Ombre Forte invite you at the Opening of the exhibition on Thursday 12 May at 6.30 pm.

Yves Carreau (1947-2014)
" To make images means to give something to see, to show as if pointing out at a particular thing. With this sign of the hand, it should not be forgotten that pointing out a finger at someone, means folding up at least three towards oneself. "

Throughout his life, Yves Carreau was passionate about all matters related to the image. Abstract to figurative signs, issues of black and white as well as of colors, from miniature to large size, single items to multi ... He was fascinated by all these subjects. However, since the 60s, his work has been essentially linked to the language of drawing and printmaking techniques.
Yves Carreau died in November 2014. He was our friend.
By inviting La Cage de l’Ombre Forte (which is in charge of his work) to exhibit a selection of prints and photographs of his studio, we wish to pay tribute to the artist.
Véronique Sainten & Francis Cat-Berro

Nouvelle traduction : New books about our designers.

Cat-Berro Gallery was glad to take part in the making of the books compiling the creations of the following designers:
Mattia Bonetti, two volumes. Louvre Victoire.Editions
Olivier Gagnère. Norma Editions
Eric Schmitt. Norma Editions

The books are available at the gallery.

Nouvelle traduction : PALAIS D’IENA

A L’Avant Garde du Style. From September 5 to 20th 2015..

The Cat- Berro Gallery participated in the event organized at the Palais d’Iena in September by the magazine AD " A Vanguard Style . 15 designers invent the house of tomorrow " From the office to the kitchen via the lounge, fifteen decorators and designers imagined the interiors of futur.
Showcase the expertise of high decoration, this unique exhibition of its kind allowed the public to discover in situ fittings of exception.
Onde table Mattia by Bonetti has naturally found its place in the decoration of Daniel Suduca and Thierry Merillou in " a space to escape the technological forward flight , a place without screen, a quiet place to step back " .

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